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Your personal assistant

Your needs

  • Clac, what kind of services can I ask for?

    You can ask absolutely anything, as long as it's legal. Our concierge genies are here to help you 7 days a week.

    Here are some examples of requests made this month:

    - “Clac, I need 2 large lattes, 1 carrot cake and a white chocolate muffin”
    - “Clac, my shirt is stained, could you find me a white one in size M for 3pm?”
    - “Clac, I’m ill and stuck in bed, I need some painkillers”
    - “Clac, I need to arrange a welcome breakfast for a new employee”
    - “Clac, I need 2 game consoles this afternoon for a 4-player game”
    - “Clac, can you send a house cleaner to my home tomorrow morning? I'm hosting my birthday part tonight, and I won’t have the strength to do it tomorrow”
    - “Clac, could you deliver flowers to my friend at her office in Marseille? Can I add a note?”
    - “Clac, I need a camel for my film shooting tomorrow near Thomery”
  • Clac, what happens if you don’t find what I’m looking for through your services?

    Sometimes (though don’t worry it rarely happens), we are unable to fulfil your request. Most of the time this is caused by circumstances beyond our control, like a product out of stock or a closed shop.

    Rest assured that in these cases you benefit from the advantage of talking with a concierge genie. They will try their hardest to find you an alternative or another solution.
  • Clac, what if I want to return an item bought through your service?

    If it’s a mistake on our part we will send you a delivery genie within the hour to do the exchange.

    If it’s a mistake on your part (wrong color or size choice), we will carry out the exchange but will bill you the delivery fee of the delivery genie.

    All refunds will be made on your credit card within one hour.

Your payments

  • Clac, how do I pay?

    It's simple: we send you a quote and if you accept it, the corresponding amount will be debited from the credit card associated with your account.
    Don't want to store your details online? No problem, we accept PayPal payments, single payment links and even Bitcoin.
  • Clac, are you insured?

    Yes of course, all our services are insured with Assur’up, an insurance company with registration number 81168606200019 in the "Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés".
  • Clac, how can I access my payment history?

    By connecting to your account, you will have access to all of your account details, as well as your payment history.
  • Clac, what if I want to use my professional card?

    You can change your billing information directly from your account.
  • Clac, I need an invoice.

    It’s really simple to obtain an invoice. You can ask us directly via text message after your request has been dealt with successfully, or through your account.
  • Clac, I have another question.

    Don’t hesitate to send us your question through the live chat on our website or by email at